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eCruisers, LLC owns 16, GEM e6 100% Electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV), the largest fleet of this particular vehicle in the world, and growing! We provide a street-legal, safe, "fun, hip & cool" way to get to your destination around towns or at events. Our zero emission vehicles, are even approved for use indoors, in convention centers and the like.

All of our vehicles are operated by professionally trained drivers and can accommodate up to five passengers comfortably, all with seat belts.

To date we have traveled over 275,000 miles, cumulative in all of our vehicles, and in that process, we have moved well over 700,000 people in front of tens of millions more people watching, ALL with a perfect safety & traffic record!

This is equal to the offset of over 250 tons of CO2 emissions, which is equal to the planting of over 14,000 trees.
We average over seven trees a day in CO2 offsets. We’re an eco-friendly business that can flat out get it done!

We’ve operated in 12 different states (Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Nevada, California) and and the District of Columbia. “Have carts, will travel.”

At eCruisers, LLC, we’re the originators of the LSV Mobility Concept and the industry leaders in the logistical management of "Moving People" with 100% Electric Low Speed Vehicles!


Based in Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, DC and serving the Nation

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